Thursday, November 7, 2013

Have you ever...

Sat on the edge of your bed at night and see life outside float by or even on the edge of a busy highway in a stationary car examined the whisps of air float from your mouth and condense on the pane of glass between you and the world outside.

Seen shadows of passing cars form a northern lights like visual on your bedroom walls and imagined being there tucked under the night sky, motionless in a tent or a sleeping bag.

Waited with hours to spare at your window sill framing your binoculars at the nest of a weaver bird you spotted in your moments of foolhardiness and gazed through them as noon turned to night.

Stared at sand trickle through an hourglass and imagined yourself on the dunes of the Thar race against the wind and quick sand beneath your feet to get to its top and done that in person too.

I have.

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