Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dinner - II

Continuing from the earlier write up Dinner - I this is its part two and gets me to its half way target that I had in mind earlier this year. So I had two more meals with two new people. The core point of all these meals being it has to be two people, a meal and a conversation.

  • Little Miss Muffet - The last thing I like to do is eat in a hurry. She had an plan that hastened the present. Plus making a decision of a choice of restaurant should not be like a life threatening one. Post work meal that I wish I had not even meditated for. I love the kid none the less.
  • Mr In Common - Defence background, common companies in the resume and a common point of view on a way of functioning. This mid-day meal at the place where I am working with as an embed was a short quick meal that just happened to pan over a quick short conversation. 
What can a meal offer you? Get the taste buds of your very grey cells activated.
More until later.

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