Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life lessons #1

I am in a phase where I am realising the value of relationships - again. Not that I did not do so earlier, it is just another time that I realise how deep they go. I know this is a phase of self realisation, something that will repeat it self not because these relationships will only teach me new things every day but they will run deeper as time passes by.

Simply put, I am learning how to love back harder, greater and deeper. This with respect to a few special people in my life. A sister in a far away town, health issues of one of the most major influences in my life - my grand mom and tiny specks of my career that is still in its nascent stages.

Life teaches you things - and how. All you need is already with you.
Best summarised by Lucky Ali in one my favourite tracks.

अनजानी राहों में तू क्या ढूँढता फिरे,
दूर जिसको समझा वह तो पास है तेरे.

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Peecee said...

The relationships you treasure today, are probably the only ones that will stay with you. Hold them tight.

And I've always loved this song :)