Sunday, August 31, 2008

Its quite often that we ignore the plight of those who taught us how to think. Quite easily we tend to forget the sacrifices they made for us, the nights they were awake and they were there with those warm comforting hands. Quite easily, their inocent ways of looking at life and concern that can be seen in their eyes when all's not well. The fact that they dont sleep well,when miles away we (or atleast i) are not at rest.

Some of us do realise their worth but those who dont do so end up rendering them in the twilight of their life to sad avenues like old age homes. So, i for a change put myself in the shoes of those who are less fortunate and came up with the following lines. Its a small attempt to look at the misery and pain that might be felt by them.

I know I am going to be alone now,
Coz no ones going to be home now,
But then this is how always, my daily story ends.
Bills adorn my walls now,
But surprisingly somehow,
Busy in all my ways I am-is how I pretend.

Walls around me smirk at my face,
An old calendar, an empty plate,
Those who were mine I have set free, among pleasures are where they roam.
Unkempt and forgotten amongst thoughts sweet and rotten
Memories are all that I have for company in this old age home.


Rejil Krishnan said...

It touched me as wud it do to a lot of people arnd...i hv seen people gng insane, becoming destitute and lots more... but evn i cudnt help it.. stil helpless ... i knw not whts in store...

Aarbee said...

They're the gods many refuse to see.

Moments of truth said...

My favourite of them all. Needless to say, besides my Undying love for old people, these simple lines ("an old calender, an empty plate") strike a vivid imagery - as rejil puts it - touching you truly. Hmm...i think you write well :)